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Our primary strength is our intricate imagination and reproduction of the same in practical … Read More...

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About Us

Started in the year 1986 with a humble beginning, this organization has achieved number of milestones in the art of landscaping in the Vidarbha region with quality commitments and innovative ideas. Our strength is NATURE TO NATURE IN THE FORM OF BOUQUET as we derive our inspiration from nature, which is undoubtedly the best designer of this art, ever to exist.
At, Rainbow Greeners, we follow the fundamental principles of landscape while designing any project which is based on following:

  • Landscape Ecology
  • Landscape Engineering
  • Landscape Planning
  • Landscape Designing
  • Landscape Ideas

We advocate the harmony of environmentally responsible stewardship of land and natural resources while landscaping and follow sound horticultural practices with professionalism for the benefit of our client. We also promote our design, installations and maintenance of landscapes that are guided by knowledge of and respect for natural ecosystem with sustained outlook. And therefore “we do not make landscapes …… We simply build them”.

Our primary strength is our intricate imagination and reproduction of the same in practical and workable themes. Each one of our works meets all the above principals yet they are different from one another. Our motto is to derive inspiration from nature and rearrange the same with love and passion, without which, moments of truth can never be made live in the art of landscaping. Our creations are unique and totally custom made based on the different themes suited to each specific site according to the location, topography, surroundings and budget provisions and therefore it will not be an exaggeration to say that we create atmosphere which is in line with the piece of land we are working on. Thick forest look with in a reasonably short time is one of our specialties.

We also provide temporary garden, which are created at any given place within a very short period and can be dismantled once the specific event is over.

Our Nursery is at Kadiyam, yet another strength that gives us wide variety of choices and allows us to meet our requirements in committed time period, reproduction of our theme and supplement thereof. This backup also helps us in experimentation of fast growing varieties, suitability of plants and trees required to create flora & fauna and also to develop maintenance practices, which is very essential for the upkeep and sustainability of projects undertaken by us. We also provide after sales maintenance at a very reasonable and affordable price, which is very important. As we understand that making a monument is a tough task but maintaining the same with enhanced outlook is equally difficult, and, therefore, we emphasize that the landscapes should be nurtured to keep them alive with the same vigor and vitality with which they are built. Our services in this field are not only reasonable but they are equally compatible with current market trends and do come in different Packages to suit the requirements and capacities of different organizations. As can be judged in our photo gallery the variety of our works ranges from a small in-house garden to huge landscapes with different outlook. All the pre requisites such as expert manpower, equipments, transport etc. required to execute are owned by us and therefore our dependence on other agencies is very minimum, which gives us the desired strength to complete our project well within the time limit. Hence we can proudly say that out commitment is highly dependable and we do respect our commitment.